Chances of Job Openings After Lock Down

Before going through the article, take a deep breath and then start. We all are very much aware of, how much disastrous this Covid-19 is. COVID -19 is going to affect our lives so deep in every aspect. And the area, which is high at risk is Employment. We all know, there is a high drop in the economy of the country. And this economic drop will take everyone at job risk. According to the research and discussion of CII, with CEOs of approx 200 companies, a conclusion came i.e, there will be approx 15-30% cuts in Jobs in every sector. In this session of recession, seeking a new job will be a challenge, so you need need to prepare well, with a definite plan.

From the end of the march, the unemployment rate is rapidly increasing. According to the current scenario approx 136 million jobs at risk in India.
Companies are either sending in indefinite leave or cutting down the salary and working from home. The CEO of Triburg Apparel, an apparel-sourcing firm, has written, “In my 48 years of working life, I have never seen such a difficult situation….”.
We can not say that, This situation is having all negative impacts. Former president of NASSCOM R Chandrashekhar said that the culture of working from home may have long rum impact for development in IT firms, as it opened a new approach and save investments.
He also said that, If the current situation gets worst, then companies that are not having their funds will face tough scenes. According to him, larger companies will not cut off the job offers and current employees, for two reasons. First, they don’t want to lose their valuable employees. Second, they have enough money to pay. But yes, there will be pressure for everyone.
According to former CEO of INFOSYS, the IT sector is having fewer job cuts in comparison to other sectors, but yes there will be fewer job openings for the upcoming 1-1.5 year at least. He also said that he doesn’t see a large salary cutoff, but they will not recruit more no. employees as there is no growth.

SO a question arises here- How long it would go??

No one can predict how long this would go but there is a positive hope that the whole world is adopting working from home culture. India is also on its way. According to Chandrashekhar, COVID -19 has forced us to change fast and we are changing and accepting.
But, Post Lock Down, there will be a rally in the economy. And everything will go in a quick mode to cover this financial crisis. so this is important for us to prepare in a planned manner.

Tips To GO:-

  • Always keep your resume/CV ready and up to date.
  • Have a LinkedIn account, and keep your profile updated.
  • Work on your communication skills, as most of the interviews are telephonic.
  • Prepare well for video interviews.
  • Prepare for generally asked questions in an interview.
  • prepare well for the work from the home environment, because this going to be future.

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